Study and utilization of biotechnological and molecular methods in genetic and breeding research of genus Pisum and Linum (2004–2010)

The main point of proposed project is a massive involvement of biotechnological and molecular methods to study of genetic resources and genetic and breeding research of pea and flax and efficient synthesis of these modern approaches with conventionalbreeding methods.

  • Provider: MSM - Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MŠMT)
  • Coordinating contractor: Agritec Plant Research s.r.o. Research
  • Years: 2004-2010.

  The research activities will logically continue on each other, however in many cases they will be realized in parallel due to high methodological difficulties of individual problems. The starting point of the research will be the exactevaluation of available genetic resources of genus Pisum + Linum directed to assessment of potentially exploited variation, characterization of important genetic resources as donors of valuable traits and study of potential genetic linkage of these traitwithbiochemical and molecular markers. Both methods will be concentrated on cell and gene manipulations. The part of methods of genetic engineering will be risk assessment of transgene flow from GM pea and flax to other pea and flax populations