A new real-time PCR assay for rapid identification of the S. aureus/MRSA strains

Ther was developed a new more rapid and reliable diagnostic method working on the RT-PCR platform for monitoring of MRSA/S. aureus. PCR of the S. aureus specific nuc gene sequence and the mecA gene sequence was utilised for this purpose. A collection of ten S. aureus/MRSA reference strains, fifteen genetically related non S. aureus reference strains and fifty-six environmental samples was employed for estimation of the assay performance and parameters. The classic selective cultivation approach with the biochemical test and agar disk diffusion test was accepted as reference diagnostic method. Our method featured with 100% sensitivity in comparison to reference method. The limit of detection allowed to identify from tens to hundreds copies of S. aureus/MRSA genome. Further, the RT-PCR assay featured with 100% inclusivity and 95% exclusivity at Cq value below 30. We consider our method as ideal for testing of individual suspected colonies, when the results can be acquired in less than 1.5 hour.

Acta Universitatis Agriculturae et Silviculturae Mendelianae Brunensis. 2013, 61 (6), 1785–1792

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