Forecasting system for infection risk of phoma stem canker in selected regions of the Czech Republic in 2009–2011

In the period 2009–2011 monitoring of the incidence of phoma stem canker was carried out on selected sites in the Czech Republic (Šumperk and Opava regions in North Moravia). The risk of infection was evaluated by assessing the autumn air raid of Leptosphaeria spp. ascospores and with the ProPlant prediction model. In recent years, the incidence of phoma stem canker has been relatively low and this corresponded to the total count of ascospores released in the autumn period but not an increased level of infection risk announced by the ProPlant model. During monitored period the ascospore concentration reached maximally to 2 ascospores in 1 m3 per one day. Maximum ascospore release was recorded in 2010 as a result of favourable weather conditions. The first incidence of phoma leaf spot has been observed in mid-October. The higher values of ascospores concentration were recorded in the Opava region, but the total number of trapped ascospores was more often higher in the Šumperk region.

Plant Protection Science, 2014, 50(1): 8–16 [ abstract ] [ fulltext ]

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