Influence of weather conditions on the airraid of Leptosphaeria maculans/L. biglobosa ascospores and the incidence of Phoma stem cancer at monitored sites in the Czech Republic

Since 2008 the airraid of Leptosphaeria maculans/L. biglobosa ascospores is pursued within forecasting of the occurrence of the Phoma stem canker in the Czech Republic on five selected localities. Pathogen ascospores are captured by the spore traps in every period from sowing oilseed rape till mid-November. Ascospores airraid was compared with the course of weather conditions on individual sites. The Phoma stem canker incidence is strongly influenced by weather conditions and source of infection. Although is not in recent years strong incidence of disease in winter oilseed rape growths, the prognosis of the risk of infection is very important. Ascospores airraid was recorded at monitored sites in varying degrees, while depending on the weather factors and the influence of locality. In areas with an increased incidence of Phoma stem canker (Šumperk and Opava regions) mutual correlations were observed between selected weather factors and amount of released ascospores or disease incidence in the crop growth before harvest.

Acta fytotechnica et zootechnica. 2012, 15 Mimoriadne - Special: 39–43. ISSN 1336-9245

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