Study of Hemp Varieties in Conditions of the Czech Republic

The study was carried out at 14 varieties of hemp.Varieties Bialobrzeskie, USO 31 and Fedora demonstrated (P ? 0.95) in the early vegetation phases highest dynamics of the growth, but from the term 8.7.2008 Bialobrzezskie, Monoica nad Futura were the longest varieties. Maturing inflorescences of hemp was attacked in the range of 10 - 15% by a complex of several species of pathogenic fungi in small plot field trials in 2008 year, which caused the drying up and blackening of inflorescences. The highest biomass yield during harvesting period was detected in variety Futura, Monoica and variety Bialobrzeskie. The yield of dry stem and retting stem were statistically highest in varieties Futura and Monoica. Fiber yield reached the highest level in the variety Beniko compared to other varieties, except varieties Bialobrzeskie and Futura. The differences of fibre yield of and total fibre yield were significant between the varieties.